Best spud potato filling

I thought I still had tuna in the cupboard but no, so had to make do with mackerel, sweetcorn and mayonnaise. Whats your ultimate filling?


Tuna & Melted Cheese

Beans and cheese

Tuna, sweetcorn & spring onion is nice



Tuna & Melted Cheese

Mine too, though coronation chicken or chili are nice as well.

In this order:

1: Prawns in seafood sauce
2:Tuna sweetcorn mayo
3: Spagbol and cheese



fresh breast milk

Thats disgusting! lol

Tuna, melted cheese, sweetcorn and coleslaw

Original Poster

Chilli and coleslaw is probably my fav

chilli - so yum! Or cheese and spring onion.

Yep id say Chilli aswell.

Beans and melted cheese

Civic EG6

Chilli and coleslaw is probably my fav

Missed that from my list! dam.


Beans & Cheese
Beans & Coleslaw
Sour Cream, Cheese (not melted), bacon bits (like the ones you get in pizza hut salad bar), and chives (or spring onion)

im now starving! mine would be little bit of cheese then chilli then a little bit more cheese

Coronation chicken

Had mine tonight with tuna and beans but love them with chilli and cheese .... or actually pretty much anything lol !

Cottage cheese. Yum.

Chicken and bacon mmmmm

beans, cheese and coleslaw, put on in that order. yum

Beans and cheese

Tuna, cucumber, onion & mayonnaise with cheese (underneath) mmm

Beans, Cheese AND Coleslaw!


cheese, beetroot and salad cream

cheese and salami.weird combo, but lish

Cheese & Beans!

chili or chicken curry!

doesn't sound right but egg mayo goes well with salt and pepper and a knob of butter..
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