best student bank account

    will be going to university next year, and i want to sort out my finance now. i've seen an article on MSE about this, but i think its outdated (not sure).

    am currently with HSBC

    just wondering which bank offers the best rates, things like that. TIA


    offers for getting a student account usually dont start untill after easter I think about May June time best waiting untill then I think. Im with HSBC student banking no problems in three years, would not go with lloyds tsb had nothing but trouble since i opened my account with them

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    thanks for feedback, ill bump this thread in easter then

    I agree do not go with Lloyds TSB they treat customers like poo.

    Barclays have been good for me. Yeah wait until after easter they all start doing silly giveaways.

    I am at university, Natwest offer one of the best student accounts around, interest free (confirm that urself). They are easy to deal with, polite and the 24/7 phone service is also good. Plus you get a free national rail card (well i did). What uni you looking to go to?

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    either bristol or cardiff

    Nice... Check out the natwest 1. Hope all goes well for ya.

    Natwest is good if you want a rail card, otherwise i would advise Halifax as it has the biggest interest free overdraft facility. even if you do not need it all, put some or all of it into a high savings account like the one hsbc offers and you will get 5.75% int. also with hsbc you can withdraw money when and if you want so the money in that savings account is not stuck in there for a fixed sum.

    Hope it helps

    Dont forget to rep if people have helped!!!


    Yeah i agree as above, i graduated last year and i been with Halifax all the time, very good no trouble at all from them. But i dont see them giving out freebees or discounts...well not that i was aware of. I never used my overdraft facility to the max so i dont know how they are with students who spend more than they save/earn.

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    thanks for the info.

    So i could get a halifax account, take out the max amount of money allowed, and put it in a savings account, and then put the money back afterwards? (i suppose i would have to do it in instalments or something)

    im not really bothered about freebies to be honest, unless its a proper good one.

    Only half decent freebies are the Ipods at Loydes, MP4 player at HSBC (though mine is rubbish - battery lasts a whole 2 minutes max) and Natwests train service. Most will match the overdraft limit offered to you by other banks if you ask/threaten to switch. Just don't open more than one - you do have to agree to pay all your student funding into HSBC and the like, and there can be penalty clauses if you are in breach of contract should they find out.
    Play em off against each other for better freebies and overdraft limits.. but be careful not to go into your overdraft make interest on it then spend it! Far too easy to do.

    Best of luck at uni.

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    cheers sean. I think i'll haggle with hsbc, currently with them, so i'll see what happens.
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