Best Student Bank please???

    im looking open up an account and wondering which one has the best offers please?



    I'd say HSBC but thats just because i'm with them!

    depends were your located?

    Natwest have the best rep, turned me down though.

    Barclays are good as a bank but you only get 6 free cineworld tickets,

    TSB you get a NUS extra card

    RBS I think is £50 cash

    Not sure about rest.

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    im near west london. i was thinking of natwest but lloyds tsb seems intresting too.

    as a student i recommend signing up for them all! take all the free stuff then decide which one gives biggest FREE overdraft (to cover spending on here lol) and best interest on any money you have


    I'm currently with Natwest and they are excellent. I was given a five year railcard, the overdraft goes up each year if I want it and then it stays interest free for a year after graduation. The staff in my branch all remember my name even when I only go in every few months and if you need to do anything over the phone you can speak to someone who actually understands english lol :whistling:
    I have seen on MSE a number of people having trouble with Lloyds TSB so may be worth a look on the student board on there?

    hth :thumbsup:

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    thanks but havent got the time to open up all of them.

    You can do it online quite easily, then just show id at a branch next time you pass it.

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    thanks will check it repped all so far.

    ive had both a hsbc and a natwest account, and the service etc. ive had with natwest far surpasses that of hsbc, plus a railcard is a really useful thing to have.

    one of the mains reasons why i found natwest better was the convienience of having a big branch on campus might be worth checking what banks are on campus

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    im 17, all banks are about the same size near me. Will go and check the offers tomorrow and get leaflets.

    HSBC are pretty basic for student accounts, but I think they really good, they have give me good Customer service in the past and there online banking is so easy

    Well with me, they were really friendly learned my name, but as soon as I was turned down for a student account they changed, I walked in and the guy asked how I was getting on, did my student account application get sorted and was friendly, I told him I was turned down and he then then didnt even finish my enquiry and just walked off and I waited 30 minutes to get seen(was handing in id for a basic account)


    all banks are about the same size near me.

    made me done a laugh that did.

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    u know what i mean lol.

    I'm at natwest had a student account for 2 years now its very good, also the offer of a graduate account after university, the clever ones work, withdraw their overdraft put it in a isa, or high interest savings account put it back and keep the profit, my mate made over £1000 by the time he graduated but he did have several student accounts which is not allowed

    I went through all of this last year with my son - at the time Halifax was the best. It didn't offer railcards or ipods or stuff like that, but it did keep any overdraft interest free for 3 years after graduation (at the time the other banks were charging interest as soon as you graduated). It also staggered the overdraft limit, so if my son was tempted to blow his overdraft in the first year there would still be some money there for the next year.

    Not sure what the offers are now though, so I don't know which bank is offering what, but Iwould seriously advise you to look past the 'freebies' and read the smaller print of the terms.:thumbsup:
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