Best sub £100 and sub £50 android phones?

Found 19th Oct 2017
As above.

My mother is looking for her first ‘smart’ phone - doesn’t need anything too flashy. Just something that runs android and has a camera and wifi. Nokia 3310 isn’t cutting it anymore!

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Just bought the moto c for my hubbs for £75 from Tesco looks a decent little phone

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Expected a few more replies!

+1 for the Moto C from Tesco.

Got my mother (and her friend) a Moto E 2 years ago - on a monthly contract. Going to a smart phone means data usage and I was unsure how much my mother would use so liked the idea of a capped contract. Paid £10/month, 24 month contract (just about up).

Anything cheaper than that I guess you're looking at secondhand.
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