Best sub £400 4K TV? (From Currys)

Found 16th Dec 2017
I’m looking to buy a 4K TV from Curry’s (Because of the best piece of customer service we’ve ever had?)

The biggest size I can go is 43”

Anyway, Im looking at the H43N5700UK I mainly use the TV for gaming, so I need a TV with a low gaming input. LG have a poor input lag?

hows the HDR on Hisense? Yes I know it won’t be HDR 10 etc....
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Best customer service, are you jokeing??
Xboxgamer3212 m ago

Best customer service, are you jokeing??

They gave some of us £298 gift cards for a price error.
"hows the HDR on Hisense? Yes I know it won’t be HDR 10 etc...."

HDR10 is the most commonly supported format so it would be very surprising if it wasn't.

No TV at this price has much, if any, dynamic range increase so don't expect much in the way of picture quality differences when viewing HDR content. HDR should just be ignored at this price.

You don't say what you're watching but assuming it's normal TV I'd probably go for an LG LJ624, or maybe Sony WE663 for lower light viewing (although it's apparently a little sluggish if you're using the TV's interface).

I don't know what the input lag is, but most TVs these days are very low, 50ms or less. Of the ones I've seen tested this year there aren't any you could call poor unless you were being really picky - and if you were that picky you wouldn't be buying a £400 TV in the first place.
Forget about HDR in your price range and focus on input lag. You won’t get both for that kind of money.
why do you need 4k at 43 inches? unless you are sat less than 6 foot from it, it probably wont be appreciably better than 1080p

for £400 the best you can probably hope for is a Hisense. its 'fake' HDR and as people say, you wont get proper HDR until closer to a thousand pounds.
Have you tried a Samsung models
Televisions at this price will be pretty much identical, bar the badge on it.

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