best supermarket for freshness of fruit,veg, meat?

Posted 8th Jul 2016
Hi, just wanted to hear what your personal experience was so far with ALL supermarkets was regarding freshness and quality?
I had a few times in the past bought strawberries from Aldi which became moldy very shortly after buying. Have you ever return produce?
Generally I found Tesco or Morrison's has a longer lifespan in fruit, but it's hard to guess this things in fruit.
Lidl the same from my experience.
I'm not saying you can't buy there any fruit or veg, it just happens more often there. Or is this just bad luck ?
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I think it varies depending on where you are - I used to go to the local Morrisons because they had fantastic veges, then they got bought out by Waitrose - price went up, quality was just ok.
Now where I am the large Morrisons has poor fruit and vege, Asda is just ok as is Sains.
Best for Broccoli is my Tesco Metro - 39p!
I buy most of my fruit and veg from aldi and its always very fesh. To be fair i buy from tesco too and its fresh also.

The only place i find poor for fruit and veg is co op but as said above depends on location

Meat i would say the best value is aldi as you get more bang for your buck and the quality is good. For cooked meat ie hams garlic sausage etc i buy the deli stuff from tesco reduced when its out of date as its still fine 5 days later
I find it varies from supermarket and also sometimes the area. I've found that Aldi can be good, but dependent on store.

We've never found any of the Asda stores in our surrounding area to be good either on the fruit and vegetable front.

We've found our local Lidl to be good for fruit and some vegetables, but limited in choice sometimes. Tesco and Morries are good, but can also be dependent on the store as well.

I always find the markets can be really good for fruit and vegetables, none of these strict guidelines neither about having fruit looking a certain shape or size type of rubbish neither.
I think Aldi fruit and veg are good for both quality and value, especially since they now clearly show best before dates in plain English rather than internal day and week coding.
Local farm shop. Right from the source and lasted ages for me
Thanks for your input!
Didn't know that Morissions is owned by Waitrose.
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