best surround amp advice please

    i got an xbox 360, original xbox, panasonic bd80 blu-ray player and panasonic v10 tv, after many years ive decieded its time to get a surround amp and speakers ( dont want one with a dvd/blu-ray built in ) and one that all my bits can connect to without any hassels, i`ve heard onkyo are the best but would love any advise please


    i'll just pop a post in as i'm in the same boat just want amp with speakers with HDMI

    I would say to go into one of the Onkyo amp deal threads for some tips, but you will get a load of crap "jokes", and not much else.

    What is your budget?

    I have an older Sony amp and it's pretty good, they are usually held in high regard for entry level amps.

    Something like…810


    Is what I would go for, depending on budget obviously.

    I have an older version of the Tannoy sfx 5.1 and find them also really good

    I have a Denon that I can't fault. Mine is old now (about 10 years) but still provides me with perfect sound. Not sure what the latest Denons support but most will have HDMI's on etc.


    Got to start with a budget!

    Entirely depends on your speakers

    Denon or Yamaha AV Receiver paired with some Q Acoustics is a phenomenal buy – it’s what most would recommend for anyone with a budget of under £1000.

    I'd go either:

    Yamaha 667 (£300) / Q Acoustic 1010i 5.1 (£250-£300) - Total £600


    Yamaha 667 (£300) / Q Acoustic 2000 5.1 (£450-£500) - Total £800

    I guarantee that you could not find a better pairing of AV Receiver and Speakers than the above for under £1000.
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    Thanks guys interesting

    Original Poster

    thanx, im looking to spend around £500 - £600

    I'll have to start saving
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