Best surround sound system for games/movies

    Been looking at the Logitech Z5500, the Z5450 and also that Pioneer system that's made for the 360.. anyone got any other suggestions for the best 5.1 system to use for movies, music and gaming?

    Budget is around the £250 mark and don't need a system that includes a DVD player.


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    No one have any advice??

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    Cool are you happy with it? does it sound good with movies, music and games?

    Its a mile better than my pioneer all in one.. tho that is a couple of years old.
    I havent really tested it with music, but am delighted with it for movies and my 360. The audio is really crisp, but loud, and the sub is very powerful.

    I think all surround systems are designed more towards movies etc than music tho. I dont think you will find anything better for £250, but there are a few others on avforums that people buy.

    All my friends and family noticed a big improvement over my pioneer system too.

    Its worth reading the thread before you buy tho, so you can see what others think.

    And it has component and HDMI input/outputs.
    Its a 6.1 tho

    my budget is a little lower, but i'm looking at the z-5400, wondering what that's like as well

    I purchased the Pioneer surround sound unit from judt before christmas for £149.99 and if you purchase it directly from Pioneer they are charging £299.99. have recently increased the price to £169.99 probably becuase they have been getting loads of orders ofr it and as soon as it comes into stock it goes back out again.

    Totally happy with the Pioneer and so are many happy customers on the xbox forum as loads of people have purchased it…e=0

    I can thoroughly recommend this system from pixmania. Bought mine just before Christmas and it's stunning system for £225 (+PP)…tml

    Doesn't include DVD. Be warned though the amp and subwoofer are quite large.


    ald, this is the system that I am talking about.

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    Hmmm.. anyone seen any online reviews of that Sony system, can't find any.

    You will struggle to find proper reviews because its a european / australian model.

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    You will struggle to find proper reviews because its a european / … You will struggle to find proper reviews because its a european / australian model.

    This maybe a silly question but in the room i would set it up i can't have a speaker in between the 2 rears, can this system be setup to just be 5.1 instead of 6.1?

    Just dont plug in the 6th speaker. My sister does the same, and she is still as happy as a pig in mud

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    Still undecided, even looking on AVForums it's still not much clearer.. at this price range there's a Denon system, the Yamaha AV59 then the Sony HT-DDW880 and also Sony HTSS1000.

    I've gone for the 880 after reading all the stuff on the AVforum link.

    Ordered on Saturday, item has been dispatched from my local Parcel force hub today!

    Can't wait to get it all set up and test it out.

    Does anyone know of a dvd or a download I can use to test out the speakers?
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