best surround sound system for panasonic veira

Found 2nd Jan 2008
i dont know anything about the surround sound systems, does anyone know of a decent surround system for the panasonic veira thats priced below £400
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Panasonic SCPTX5EBK from prcdirect.com £295

If you are prepared to spend £487, then this is the dog's PANASONIC SC-PTX7 Home Cinema System from Pixmania for £498. Use code priceuk070902 for £11 discount.

Thanks to its Twin Center function, you'll believe the sound is coming directly out of the SC-PTX7’s screen! Based around a 2.1 sound system, the Panasonic SC-PTX7 comes with an 80 GB hard drive, so you can record approximately 40,000 songs to build up your own JukeBox, and audio DTS, Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II decoders for pure sound, whatever your music style. It also plays your DVDs and DivX films, and has a 1080p up-conversion function that converts standard-definition images from DVD sources to high-definition images, producing vivid, sharp and exceptionally detailed results. You can even connect your MP3 player to it and enjoy your music via its USB port. Get ready for a unique sound experience with the SC-PTX7 Home Cinema System!

Content Type Home Cinema System with 80 GB JukeBox recorder
Amplifier 300 W RMS
Sound decoders Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Virtual Speaker, DTS decoders
CD player Yes
DVD player Yes
Compatible CD-R/RW Yes
MP3 player Yes
Other read media DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM/-RW/-R/-R (DL), +R/ -R (DL)/ +RW, SVCD, Video CD, HighMAT (Level 2), WMA, JPEG, MPEG4, DivX6
Remote Yes
Number of speakers 2
Subwoofer Yes
Power RMS front power: 50W x 2 (1kHz, 8 ohms, 10% THD)
RMS central power: 50W x 2 (1kHz, 8 ohms, 10% THD)
RMS subwoofer power: 100W (100Hz, 4 ohms, 10% THD)
DIN total power: 210W
DIN front power: 35W x 2 (1kHz, 8 ohms, 1% THD)
DIN central power: 35W x 2 (1kHz, 8 ohms, 1% THD)
DIN subwoofer power: 70W (100Hz, 4 ohms, 1% THD)
A/V features Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)
Cinema mode
Dialogue improvement
216 MHz/12-bit D/A video converter
Inputs Optical digital input
Audio input
Outputs Component video output
S-video output
Optical digital output
HDMI output
Included accessories Remote control
Manual Information available soon
Size (mm) 360 x 106 x 334 for amplifier
137 x 403 x 437 for subwoofer speaker
106 x 228 x 131 for central speaker
Weight (g) Amplifier: 4,700
Subwoofer: 5,300
Central speaker: 1,400
Other USB port
Ethernet LAN Terminal port
Music port
Dock connector for iPod
80 GB JukeBox hard drive
Downloadable manual (1 download available in a language of your choice after purchase ): English
Try the Sony DAV-IS10 at £379.99 at PRCDIRECT

Colour BLACK
Dimensions Height=10.5cm Depth=20.6cm Width=21.5cm
Manufacturer Warranty Standard 1 Year Warranty
450 watts total power output (RMS) The higher the output, the better a system will sound.
HDMI upscaling Will upscale standard DVDs to high definition quality
1 HDMI connection High Bandwidth Digital Multimedia Interface - highest quality digital connection
Progressive scan for the finest picture quality Get the best possible picture quality from DVDs with Progressive Scan. Uses more lines of the screen to produce a picture that is noticeably brighter and sharper.
Component video connection This connection delivers high quality picture resolution from DVD, giving noticeably clearer and bolder images from DVDs.
Clock feature Displays the time.
1 Digital coaxial connection(s) Digital audio connection capable of carrying Dolby Digital and DTS signals between devices. An alternative to an Optical Digital connection.
MP3 CD playback for downloaded music Allows you to play MP3 tracks burnt onto a CD from your Home PC. Please note it may be unlawful to copy or download music.
Digital amplifier for crystal clear sound No loss of sound quality from the amplifier as the signal does not have to be converted from digital to analogue.
DVD+R playback Allows playback of DVD+R discs
DVD+RW playback Allows playback of DVD+RW discs
Basic speaker cable included Basic speaker cable to connect the speakers is included, but to get the best possible performance connect the speakers using Monster Cable speaker cable and connectors.
Composite video output Alternative connection to scart comprising three pins, one for picture and two for stereo sound.
Test mode for easy speaker set-up Helps you ensure that speaker placement and volumes are set correctly.
1 disc DVD/CD changer Systems that hold more than one DVD or CD can play music or movies continuously - ideal for parties.
FM 20-AM 10 radio station presets Programme your favourite stations and find them with ease using the preset station memory.
JPEG CD playback Allows playback of JPEG image CDs.
DIVX playback Allows playback of DiVX movie discs.
DTS Alternative surround sound format to Dolby Digital for DVD movies.
50 watts centre speaker power output (RMS) Power output from the centre speaker channel, used mainly for vocal.
100 watts front speaker power output (RMS) Power output from each of the front speaker channels.
100 watts rear speaker power output (RMS) Power output from each of the rear speaker channels used for surround sound effects.
Remote control included Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Magnetically shielded to prevent screen distortion Prevents the interferance speakers can sometimes cause when placed near TV screens.
5.1 Dolby Digital The surround sound standard for DVD movie discs.
2xAA batteries for remote control included Spare batteries are available.
CD playback Allows the playback of audio CDs, so you can enjoy your CD collection through the home cinema systems powerful surround sound speakers.
FM RDS tuner RDS displays the name of the station you are listening to.
II Dolby Pro Logic Turn anything you watch into sensational surround sound whether from TV, Video or Camcorder.
VCD playback Allows playback of Video CDs.
CD-R playback Allows the playback of recorded CDs, so you can copy your favourite tracks onto your own CD and enjoy them through your home cinema systems powerful surround sound speakers.
CD-RW playback Allows you to play re-writable CDs on your home cinema system.
Integrated Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder Integrated decoder for Dolby Digital soundtracks.
200 watts subwoofer power output (RMS) Denotes the power of the subwoofer channel.
6 speakers included The number of speakers that the system uses to create the surround sound experience.
DVD-R playback Allows playback of DVD-R discs
DVD-RW playback Allows playback of DVD-RW discs
FM/AM radio tuner Built in radio tuner with no station presets.
2 main socket(s) required .
1 Optical digital connection(s) The optical connection is completely digital for interference-free sound. In order to get full 5.1 surround sound from Sky HD, your DVD Home Cinema System must have an optical input.
30/0.5 watts :in use/powered-down power consumption Our Technical lab measurement in Watts of energy consumption of TVs, both in use and on standby. Based on European standard EN62087:2003 using manufacturer standard settings.
Bravia Theatre Sync Control your entire Sony Home Entertainment System with the single touch of a button.

If you have this kind of money.

Use proper companies who now what they on about and specialize in the field.

First thing you do is buy yourself a copy of What Hi Fi Magazine these people test the product

This is their site whathifi.com/hom…ma/

Also richersounds.com/pro…EMA

But i strongly recommend you you buy What Hi Fi Magazine from any newsagents

thanxs for ur opinions, i was gonna go into a local currys store but then i know they'd probably sell me anything as i aint got a clue, would there be any specific requirements i should look out for?

Yes buy the What Hi Fi Magazine for £400 you will pick up something better for your money then you will out of any electrical high street companies.

What Home Cinema Best Buy superfi.co.uk/ind…431




Free Delivery on all items.

Here are 4 that have been tested and get the vote. shop around you will get these sound system cheaper
Just a quick note.... that Denon system is only VIRTUAL surround sound.... definately NOT what you're after.

Also, the last link is £600 and possibly is a mis-link, as it is for a separates bundle
Good advice from Ascot apart from the models he chose.

Don't go to Currys, they will sell you what they have got.

Do use places like /Currys and Richer Sounds as they will have rooms where you can sit down and test them.

Also choose What Home Cinema rather than hifi as they will give you a more rounded rather than techy view.
Also, you could have a look at eBay to see what might be available.

I currently have a well reviewed Philips system that I managed to sneakily pick up for under £40 delivered.
]Philips Digital A/V Surround (Finished eBay auction)

To be honest, if you know very little about surround sound, sometimes its not worth going straight out and spending £400, but instead buying a cheaper, but well reviewed system, and then deciding if you want the extra power/clarity. Trust me, anything will sound better than the 2 speakers you currently have.
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