Found 14th Jun 2008
I've tried Asda's own and it's really gross!! I tried splenda and it's not too bad but it's expensive, so I'm just wondering what you think the best sweetener's to try??


I get mine from Poundland, you wouldn't like them though :lol:

I don't use sweeteners but it might be helpful what products you add sweetner too,like cereal,drinks etc,and some might say what they use for what.

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I use the sugar like sweetener on my weetabix, I can't eat them otherwise lol


i get mine from tesco in a thin tube i cant be arsed gettin up to look at them now but they are in a white and red tube and they are about 90p


Candarel..My son calls it his special sugar..yummy

Yeah, canderel is lovely just switched to it from normal sugar about 3 weeks ago

tesco do two 'cheaper' brands -- one is the one already mentioned (thin tube), the other is a much fatter tube and is there value brand, to me the latter tastes much more like real sugar (no bitterness), its a 1200 tube for around 1.20 but its on offer for a quid at the mo' i think...

the one i mentioned above i have looked at it this morning and it has slimmer wrote accross it
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