Best tablet or pad for 3 year old?

Found 1st Jun 2015
As per title, I ma looking for a tablet or a pad for a 3rd birthday. Any suggestions, please?
Is Leapfrog or Innotab any good? Or it is better to go for a proper tablet?
I do think that buying an ipad for a 3 year old is too much though?
It will be for occasional drawing or letter/number games.
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Don't get a leapfrog or whatever they are. I'd go for at least a Nexus 7 or Hudl 2. They'll be showing you how to use it in no time at all
+1 for the hudl! Don't bother with the innotab/leapfrog, spend (not much more) on a proper tablet, will last ages!! Fab for holidays and long journeys - fill up with movies and off you go. My 2yr old (3 next month) plays with my Samsung tab 4, knows exactly how to use it. Wouldn't recommend it though because of the soft keys he always ends up hitting the back button and coming out of his game or film and it frustrates him lol. I've just bought him a hudl 2 for his birthday and in my opinion it's the best tablet for little ones!
will the kid be able to use the full potential of a mainstream tablet?

I'd go for a leap pad,teaches phonics etc and is expected to be dropped.

after a year or two go for a galaxy tab 2/3 as they're solid
Hudl 2, definitely, my little niece (5) loves hers and knows how to use it no problem...though she is a bit obsessed about Minecraft videos (on Youtube)! It also has parental controls.…782
Sorry also meant to add, with the leapfrog I've heard the apps are expensive and limited (not sure if this is same with the innotabs). With Android play store there are hundreds of free games and apps including phonics, shapes, letters, numbers/math, writing, reading etc etc. Good luck with whatever you decide
I would definitely go for something like the Nexus 7. My son was using mine from the age of 2. I bought him a leap pad and he found it so frustrating and slow to use having already used a proper tablet. you can still get all the educational games on a regular tablet and their interest in it will last a lot longer.
don t let him use it for too long . few of my mates who have given their kids tablets at a very young age are having problems with their EYES .
If you are on a budget they are virtually giving away Hudl 1s at the moment, if not I can recommend the Hudl 2
whatever you do buy make sure to get a really strong case / screen protector or consider replacing every three months
My kids have had the innotabs and they are rubbish. Very slow, limited and expensive for games which can then be lost. We have been using a cheap android kids tablet since then but it hasn't lasted very long before the touch screen has become unresponsive. After doing some research we are going with the hudl 2 next for their birthdays.
surface pro 3
galaxy tab 2 kids,
My 7&3 year olds have Hudl they are great.
I know others say they are expensive (games from £6-10 when on special) but my son (2 1/2)has came on so well using his innotab as well as had fun with it, especially the camera! It is perfect for reinforcing what I've taught him in relation to letters, numbers, word recognition, problem solving etc and was fab on the plane as it read books with his favourite characters in.
I know a tablet can do similar things with the right apps purchased but this is way easier for him to navigate and harder for him to damage or delete things etc.
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