best Tablet or portable dvd player for toddler on holiday? (£50 budget)

    I am taking my nearly 2 year old on holiday for the first time and want to keep him occupied on the plane.
    I am spending about £50, he loves peppa pig and Ben and holly. Would it be more wise to buy a tablet to store tv shows or should I just buy a portable DVD player? Thanks!


    for battery life I'd go for tablet as can use it longer and in more places just get a rugged case

    We recently went to cuba and took dvd player and tablet. The dvd player made them sleepy which was good! If you already have the dvds its only the dvd player you'l have to buy, a tablet you'l have to be all the cartridges/games separate which ends up costing quite a bit!

    Tesco outlet have tablets from £49, refurbished with 12 month warranty, items I've had have been brand new.

    Dont get a portable DVD they are obsolete and do anything except play dvd that you have purchased.

    Get a tablet, this one is of on offer now, we have it and paid more a few months back.
    There have loads of movies, games apps you can download (peppa pig/ben holy orientated) and others can also be educational, puzzles, colours and many movies and programmes

    Amazon Fire 7" tablet…368

    Also invest in a good case 'childproof' like this one, its excellent…753?var=&hash=item3d1741d669:m:mu1PYsdOWPuyxiozeJktWtg

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    I took a 2 and a 1 year old to Spain recently and they both love Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig. I took a portable DVD player that could play from USB and put loads of Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig onto the USB.......then had the bonus that the TV in the Hotel room had a USB port and played the content too! They also had a tablet each but these didn't get much use if I am honest.

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    Thanks guys! All useful stuff here
    He's no good with games and apps he always knocks them off, so at this stage I need something purely for watching shows. Hotel doesn't have internet so will need them downloaded first. Can u download shows into the Amazon tablet?

    My two year old does some of the infant puzzles game and its educational.
    Yes you can dowload single shows or whole seasons. Ben Holly season for £3.99,
    If you are a prime member its free to watch (and free 30 day trial)

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