best tablet that can turn into a laptop (tabtop) for £300 or under

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Found 5th Dec 2014
looking to buy for 18th birthday present for little brother, he's asked for one but I don't know much about them. any recommendations?

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What does he want to use it for as a laptop? £300 will not get you much with this kind of product because of the engineering involved. If it needs to be a proper Windows laptop experience then the Surface Pro 3 with the keyboard case is by far the best but your budget is nowhere near it. The Surface 2 is around £300 for the most basic model but it is Windows RT not Windows 8.

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He wants to use it for college work, so Microsoft office, Watching movies on Netflix and games I would guess. He also loves his music and photos.

The Asus T100 looks good (about £250 on Amazon) and it has Windows 8.1

Otherwise, you can get almost any tablet you want, and get a separate bluetooth keyboard.
For example for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10'' , you can get this one on Amazon for £15.


I have it and it is convenient.. Just slip your tablet in and it is like a laptop.

Hope this helps.


VAIO Tap 11

£300 from the Sony Outlet


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The Sony one looks good, is it best to wait till jan sales before buying?



The Sony one looks good, is it best to wait till jan sales before buying?

dude that's a refurb price - it's an expensive piece of kit .. likely not to go down in price. and pretty rare i'd say.
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to give you an idea of what it costs FULL PRICE.


I was tempted myself, but not looking for that kind of form factor.
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