Best tariff deal for calls to other networks?

    I've just gone self employed and need to change to either a pay monthly or contract deal because I need to call people on mobiles on different networks. Gone through about 30 quid of credit this month because I'm on standard pay as you go.. and that needs to change. I see that O2 are pretty useless on this, only offering O2 to O2 as inclusive calls from what I can see. Are there any decent deals at the moments that would suit my needs? I'd say I need less than 200 minutes a month.



    tesco sim only deals seem great at the minute, if you need less than 250mins , get the 250mins sim, unltd texts and 3 months free data for £10 a month, its a 1month rolling contract so you can leave them at teh end of any month, pretty sure they use the o2 network so have good coverage

    if your happy spending £30 they do a £30 sim unlmtd data, ulmtd texts, unlmtd calls

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    Thanks, that's definitely food for thought. Do you know if Tesco counts as o2 so that if someone on o2 called me it would cost them less?

    I have a really cheap phone, so no data and don't really text, forgot to mention that.

    tesco is still your best bet for inclusive minutes deals especially on sim only, most other tarifs you might get a 300mins for 15 a month, but then might even be contracted to 12months.. basic o2 sim only starts at £10 for 100mins for instance so tesco really are your best bet atm,

    if you were after a lot more minutes you can get 600mins for £20 a month definately from o2, maybe £15 at a push of other providers but youd have to go carphone warehouse of phones 4 you and ask them, most networks just throw the texts at you neway so youll end up with a lot even if you dont use them.. and maybs even data lol

    just checked there £15 at tesco gets you 500mins and unltd everything else, dont think it would get people on o2 any discount for calling you with regards to there bundles but you could speak to sum1 at either o2 or tesco and see...
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