Best tariffs/deals for swapping phones regularly?

    My name is Mark and I am a phone junkie, I have tried finding a 12 step group to no avail!

    So I have succumbed to my addiction and am hoping the good people of HDUK will show mercy upon me, by finding the best way for me to swap phones regularly whilst saving a few bob here and there


    get a pay monthly sim to suit your needs in terms of minutes and texts. Virgin/O2/T-Mobile/Orange all offer these

    then just change your phone whenever you feel like it. you can sell them on ebay/CEX to recoup some money....?

    buy an iphone, you wont be dissapointed


    Go for a suitable tariff in the £30-£40 range from any network as long as it suits you, (NOT SIM ONLY)
    on the contract get the most expensive phone you possibly can, look for a handset that sells well on Ebay and keeps its value (not LG, Motorola, etc)...
    e.g HTC Touch Diamond, etc...

    Use the handset as you like, if you get bored with it, sell it on, if its worth £350 sell for £300, buy another handset for £250-£300

    Its just like used car sales if you buy a banger in the first place dont expect to get too much back from it, when you get bored of it

    Use your common sense too, e.g the Sony Ericsson W890, it looks nice and a lot of sites are selling it for good money but ask yourself would you actually pay that much for quite a basic 3.2 megapixel phone, when you can get a decent 5mp phone for less... A lot of phones do hold their value, you just have to get the right ones and swap/trade/exchange them for other ones that are decent too...

    We get regular customers that px their phones every month, every month they get less for their phones than what they paid, I have had phones which I have kept for 12 months used them as much as I wanted and still managed to sell them for more or at least what I originally paid for them
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