Best Telescope for £100 - £150 max

    Brother is after a telescope, he has around 150 to spend. Any suggestions, looked on Amazon but there seems to be a lot of mixed reviews. Any help would be much appreciated


    Is it for star gazing? For first advice check :…htm
    and sherwoods-photo who have a lot of these in stock.
    For a beginner, binoculars and books or software might be a good idea. Even seasoned skywatchers reckon they get most use out of their binoculars; probably particularly on these islands with their cloudy, rainy climate. Check out Cloudy Nights for good community for skywatchers.
    Can always look at birds with binoculars (_;)

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    Thanks for that. That website is very helpful. My brother is adamant he wants a telescope - not binoculars. It's his money to burn Looking at the website I'm tempted to go for the # Sky-Watcher SkyHawk-1145. Decent reviews and can get it for about £120

    Good on yer for taking the trouble to reply

    Hope your choice works out well.
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