Best TFT for ~£200?

Found 6th Dec 2006
My mum, gawd bless her, has offered to get me a TFT for Christmas and she has a budget of about £200. Can any expert recomend one, it will be used for games and films. Ideally to have DVI.

Thanks in advance and Happy Christmas in advance! :santa:

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Are you looking for a widescreen?..there is an LG one in the deals section but I guess it's sold out by now.

it has yeah

if ur not after widescreen ][COLOR="Red"]this [/COLOR]is good for £188. looks nice too!

][COLOR="Red"]this [/COLOR]samsung looks nice for £199.99

btw i've got widescreen and seriously, once you've experienced it you'll never go back!

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Hadn't considered widescreen but seeing that comment I am now tempted. Thanks - could you tell me the model number... Is it 20"?

Thanks for all the comments

the posts have links

lol thanks hessian...they do! i've made them stand out a bit more!

they're both 20".
a 20" widescreen like mine is a bit wider than 2 A4 sheets of paper in portrait next to each other but about 1cm shorter... hope that helps!
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