Best Themepark for Toddlers

    I was looking for anyone's advice on the best theme park to visit with a 3 year old.

    My parents want to take my son for a short break to a Themepark (or possibly other attraction/dayout). I'm paying as they think it will be a treat for them. Since we live in Scotland I had thought about Gulliver's world in Warrington. They can stay two night in. Premier inn and get tickets for park for about £105.

    But I noticed on a deal for Gulliver's (and on trip adviser) it gets some really poor reviews. Is it worth travelling to?

    Would you recommend any other parks in Nothern England instead?

    Thank you in advance for any advice.


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    Other info: My parents can only go week beginning 11 august so it will be school holiday time. Also we took my son to Alton Towers a few weeks back he loved cbeebies land but I would rule this out as queues were so long during term time and I don't think my parents would enjoy a hour wait for postman pat.

    My son loves visited fairs/them parks. He loves rides such as Dodgems, roundabouts ride-on trains etc.

    Flamingo land has animals and rides so provides variety.

    Drayton manor is excellent for children . It has Thomasland and it is mainly child orientated , also has a small zoo. We went on bank holiday weekend and the longest we queued was 20mins ..
    Excellent value I went with my 6 year old and 2year old and we were able to go on all the rides !
    It's in tamworth so if they stay in birmingham they could also visit cadburyworld to make for a nice weekend away .

    Not sure on Gulliver's World, but Gulliver's Kingdom in Matlock Bath was a fantastic day out when I was younger and I believe still is. There's a lot of things to do in Matlock bath too. Theres Heights of Abraham, a few museums, an aquarium and lots of nice play areas and things going on along the river. Plenty more in the local area too.

    Lightwater Valley Ripon is quite good lots for the little ones
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    Flamingo Land is quite good but they got rid of the dodgems a while back.

    Don't know about Warrington, but Gulliver' s world in Matlock Bath is great for over 3s. Built into the hillside, it's steep but you can cable car to the top and the rides are every few yards. Took our youngest grandchildren last month (5 &7), they love it.

    Sundown adventure land is perfect for preschoolers.


    Flamingo Land is quite good but they got rid of the dodgems a while back.

    Oh no, not the dodgems! Why oh why.....

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    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond. I will have a look at Flamingo Land, Lightwater, sundown Adventure and Drayton Maner.

    It's more difficult picking somewhere for my parents than it would be for myself as I'd feel terrible if they had a bad time. So I'm feeling very indecisive. However I'm sure my son would enjoy any of the parks. Thanks again…php

    Try Day out with the Kids ... you can look for all sorts of things on there & by area!
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    Have a look at Alton Towers, they've recently opened a cbeebies land…nd/

    Blackpool may be worth a look x

    we went to gullivers world warrington with my 2 year old and loved it. dont know why it gets bad reviews to he honest. food is rubbish but the rides are great for the kids and parents can go on all the little rides with them which I think is brilliant! we'll be going back with my now 3 year old and 1 year old very soon.

    Shame you don't live down south, as Paulton's Park/Peppa Pig World is fantastic for toddlers
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