Best things you've picked up on Freecycle?

    I recently discovered the little gem on the interwebs that is I'd never really checked it out before, but this time decided to sign up to my local group and see what was on offer.

    My sister and her fiance have just moved into their own place so I decided to look out for a few bits and pieces that could benefit them.

    Made my first Freecycle pickup tonight - a lurrverly big DVD rack for their place! Very nice 'sharer', turned up at his house and he handed it right over, no fuss. Absolutely thrilled and have had a little more faith in my fellow humans restored (that's twice this weekend)

    I'm wondering what's the best things you've picked up on freecycle as I can see this becomming my next internet addiction (after using hukd to pick up chicks)


    We received a leather sofa! We have given away more than we have received though!

    mine has got to be this bed which was like new…315

    never been lucky enough tobe quick enough, everything ive wanted always gone before i get there

    given lots away tho :thumbsup:


    its a real shame that most of the stuff goes to those who sell it on, was and still is a great idea just a shame it is abused

    yes saasie u are right,i hate the thought of giving away something that is later sold on
    i always put bak on frecycle the things when i have finished with them

    you can usually tell who will sell it, my local freecycle has a few 'regulars' that you can be certain to email soooo quick after you post items, they must sit and wait for the new posts , or if you list a range of stuff and they want it all!

    I've got various playstation games from freecycle, although don't use it anymore.

    Best one I saw (but missed) was a Sega Hotrod Arcade cabinet and a pinball machine (full size). The guy seemed surpised they'd gone so quickly :O

    Someone on my local one gave away a Wii and a load of games the other week!

    yeah - I agree with the regulars thing tend to give stuff to people who have given us stuff before - not ideal I know as they may not be the most needy but at least I know they won't sell it!

    The best thing we have got is probably a baby carrier - not a ****** one either a proper one with a metal frame and everything - it's really good, apart from that we have got lots of other baby things.

    We mostly give away lamps and stuff when my GF decides one of our rooms needs changing & I gave away a couple of old DVD players & a toastie maker.

    I managed to get a corner tv unit
    Mostly i'm unlucky though and im still after a coffee table as i just dont have one

    A pc desk and a sofa, although I once got a bed through there advertised as new and when I picked it up it was a right mess and smelt of cat's wee. Straight to the dump!

    i love my freebies on here creme etc -

    when i have a large item to get rid of i local health visitors to see if they know anyone who needs it - they will nearly always get it picked up:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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    I'm going to put some stuff on it this week, very obscure household/garden items someone might be able to put to good use.

    I agree no one should be trying to profit off sharing. Though an exception would be my partner's nan who works in a charity shop. I taught her how to use a computer a while back and she's pretty good, next step is to tell her about freecycle and see if she can take anything off people's hands to put in the shop - sell for virtually nothing but enough to cover a few costs of the local charity and help those in need out.

    I think it was a post on hotukdeals that lead me to freecycle anyway, so big up yourselves you sexy pieces of text on my screen. xxx

    I got a wireless router! Ive given away a webcam and a TV.


    Not been lucky enough to nab anything I like yet!

    We got a big 6ft garden gate that would have cost a couple hundred quid

    My freecycle area is always full of "wanted"
    Sort of tells you about the people in my town :whistling:

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    My freecycle area is always full of "wanted" Sort of tells you about the … My freecycle area is always full of "wanted" Sort of tells you about the people in my town :whistling:

    Chatham :x

    "WANTED: Bladez bruv"

    Think we should post our funniest local wanted ads here. You do get some right uns ere

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    Think we should post our funniest local wanted ads here. You do get some … Think we should post our funniest local wanted ads here. You do get some right uns ere


    ive seen one woman asking for a roast she said she had everything but the meat and all the local shops were shut lol

    some people are just rude on there, but you can get really good things.

    i got a printer and ink.

    There is a "wanted" ad on my local freecycle at the moment for "sexy knickers" - posted by a bloke who is looking for some for his *cough* "friend" :roll::giggle:


    There is a "wanted" ad on my local freecycle at the moment for "sexy … There is a "wanted" ad on my local freecycle at the moment for "sexy knickers" - posted by a bloke who is looking for some for his *cough* "friend" :roll::giggle:

    No kidding? I'm suprised that got through. Someone posted baby rabbits on mine last week and that slipped through. got removed later on though.

    Mines always full of rubbish literally! Rubble, broken paving slabs and the like. On the rare occasion that something half decent comes up its gone within seconds.

    i got this nice stereo from a freecycler... he said the CD was not working right, and I just wanted it for the radio and AUX in for my IPOD. But when I got it home, tried a CD and it workes perfect, been using it for a yr now, and everything works perfect, remote and everything.. well happy!!

    never seen anything any good my my local freeserve, but given loads of good stuff away.

    I'm going to pick one of these up tonight from somebody who lives 5 doors away lol…ZVE

    I got a 6x4 garden shed :-D Very good condition too!

    I got about 20 ceramic plant pots recently which were great!
    Also about 40 computer magazines!

    The only problem is you feel a bit like:oops:

    when you pick them up.
    I gave away an xbox,loads of games and 2 leather couches and its a good feeling
    when the people pick them up and are made up:thumbsup:

    (the lady emailed me about 1 week later to thank me for the £3 she found down the back
    of the sofa!:p)

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    Adding Printer/scanner to my list

    Which is wonderful as we no longer have a working printer and desperately need one for when my other half starts uni. Appears unbranded carts are available for it too, which is the biggest selling factor for a printer!

    I've just picked up a video and dvd recorder!! :-D Pleased!

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    Here's my list. I aquired this in about a week thanks to the lovely sharing people of West Kent / Sussex:

    - Garden table
    - Garden chairs
    - Printer/scanner
    - Shoe rack
    - DVD rack

    I think that's about it for now. Absolutely fantastic, gonna send some thank you cards off to those who supplied!!

    Yeah the majority of things on there seem to be taken by the same people,

    I mean think about who needs it more.

    Someone who cant afford a car and has to make alternative arrangements, or someone who can pick up right away but takes everything you have, i.e widescreen tv, wardrobes etc.

    Even the times when I have replied to an ad within minutes of it put up I get emails from the person giving it away saying they are already swamped with names and its either first come first served or a name taken from a hat.

    full of wanted adds on mine never been able to get anything useful

    we get rid of loads of bits on freecycle, saves a trip to the tip
    and were lucky enough to get a stair lift for the mother in law,
    allways makes me laugh when you see wanted ads for high price items such as laptops but the next day you see someone giving away laptop and then i think "wish i put a wanted ad in for a laptop"

    on my freecycle today

    Offered: 10ft trampoline (Blackhall Rocks)
    Hi there, I have just upgraded to a 12ft so have our old 10ft trampoline to offer anyone who wants it. The padding has seen better days but would still be ok...

    if only i had the space for it!

    I got a little tikes play house for the garden and the very kind person brought it round for me. I have offered a few things before and will be sure to offer the play house to someone on freecycle. It would be good if you could have rep like this site though so you can give to those that have offered their things.
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