Best Three Mobile Retention Deal?

My mobile conract is up for renewal, so looking for a good deal. The best deal Three have offered me so far is a Tocco with 500 mixed mins + texts for £12 on 18 month contract. So I've told them to cancel the contract in the hope they'll call me with a better offfer. But I'm unsure what would count as a good offer, so looking to know what you've got from 3 recently.
Incidently want to pay between £10 and £15 a month.


Im about to do the same, telling them im leaving for a iphone (something they dont officaly offer).

See how far that gets me.

You may find better deals on Virgin, for a lesser contract term of 12 months, go through Quidco for cashback too. I have the Tocco and you can buy them for next to nothing now. Mine only worth £20 to cash in. Better phones out there than that as well.

I was offered Free Nokia 6120 and 300 mins + 150 texts + £5 downloads a month for £5 / month (12 month contract)

Well my plan went really well, they basically said "ok you can leave" now have a pac code and 30 days to use it.
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