Best time for an eBay listing to end?

    What's the best day of the week? (sunday I heard?) and best time?


    i would say a weekend evening so people are in the house ect

    Sunday or Monday night

    Around 10 in the evening dont have them ending in day, i have found saturday nights good.

    A few years ago, a friend and I ran about 30 ebay auctions simultaneously, with all the images hosted on my website. Looking at the download stats, it seemed that thursday at about 9pm was peak time.

    How things are now though, I couldn't say. I imagine it'd depend largely on your target market, and how their lives are likely to be organised. Like, I wouldn't sell something that an 18-30 year old would be interested in buying at 10pm on a saturday night, since that's when they'll be on the lash. Ditto, the next morning. Depends on what you're selling really, but probably a reasonable measure would be, when would you and your friends probably be around to buy it? Then's probably your best sort of time, unless it's something totally out of demographic.

    evening from 8pm onwards not fri or sat



    between 8-10pm on a sunday night, most people are home then, some people … between 8-10pm on a sunday night, most people are home then, some people start going to bed at 10

    :thumbsup: i do 8-9 pm, trying to get those last minute bidders to jump in and pay over the odds!


    evening from 8pm onwards not fri or sat

    agreed,usually end mine around 8pm weekdays.

    I do 9 on Thurs it's payday for a lot of people

    Im pretty sure the peak times during the week are Sunday afternoon, and Thursday lunchtime.

    I like ending mine on sunday early evening. best chance for people watching to bid and gives me time to package and post for the monday if they are nice and quick with the paypal payment

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys!

    I will end it around 8-10pm on sunday!
    Will rep you all!
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