Best time today to put item on ebay to end sunday?

    Evening or afternoon?

    What's the best time...


    I wouldn't bother too much with the time as most bids come from snipers with the last 10 seconds to go.

    I always end my auctions at 20:00 on a Sunday. It seems to be a good time when lots of people are logged on and just before Topgear starts (when its on :-) )


    I end them either before 5 on a sunday or around 8pm, as between that time most people either sorting children out for school day morning, or having tea.

    Original Poster

    i'll do it at 8PM tonight =]

    thanks guys

    i'd say around 8.30 - thats when i sit down usually and get the lappy out if i've nothing else to do

    I usually end around 9pm on a Sunday
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