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    Hi, my skullcandy headphones have jsut broke 3 weeks out of the warrenty! So im in the market to buy some new headphone to connect to the TV so i dont wake up the whole house while watching while they are awake. Can anyone recommend me some please? Dont mind if they are wired or wireless, do u get lag if they are wireless? Looking to pay around the £40 mark.



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    We have these ones and have been happy with them, although we only paid £17.99 for them at the time from Play just before christmas, may be worth checking Play over the next couple of weeks…tml

    Completely agree with Lizzy.P. We also bought those Sennhesisers RS110s in that Play deal and they have been amazing. Love the quality, comfort and range. They go really loud (which my deaf mum appreciates) and it's great to hear stereo/surround programmes with such good spatial resolution. I don't think these are still likely to be around at that £18 level, but I'd definitely keep a look out for them. If your budget stretches then I'd go for the RS130's, which auto-tune and have rechargeable batteries. Sadly these are around £70..... which is a lot.

    In general corded will be a lot cheaper than cordless, but a good quality cordless (wireless rather than IR!) set will be a lot more convenient if you move around at all.
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