Best TV show?

    Right, I need a new tv show to watch right from the start, but which is the best one? I love Lost.
    ive watched 2-3 seasons of prison break, then it got a bit boring.
    Watched 1st ep of 24, wasnt really convinced but can continue if it gets better.
    used to watch heroes till about S3 ish? got bored.
    Watchd about ten eps of lie to me, - pretty good but no continuity...
    I want something like lost with mystery and not being able to wait till the next episode etc. but i cant seem to find anything anywhere near it. So i thought the fine people on hukd will know?
    by the way, it not being on tv is not an issue :-)
    what are all your favourite tv shows?


    True Blood


    Eleventh Hour

    Battlestar Galactica
    Johnathan Creek

    I've been watching "Sons of Anarchy" I'm enjoying it...

    my fav's
    life on mars
    ashes to ashes
    the closer
    cold case
    the wire

    Criminal Minds

    Mine is the hills....... doubt its anyone elses lol

    Golf on Sky Sports from thursday - Sunday. Best show going :thumbsup:

    24 is awesome, gets better after 1st ep - 7 seasons of excellence
    House and dexter are good shows especially if you like 24 and lost...
    How i met your mother, big bang theory ,two and a half men are extremely funny comedies and not forgetting the best of them all "the office US!!!"
    Heroes season 3 starts of well (ep 1-6) and also ends well
    lost is good (especially season finale)
    Then you've got the 3 best animated shows : Simpsons, family guy, american dad
    and even anime which i wasn't into before : Death note and Full metal alchemist are worth a go

    Original Poster

    wow, a lot of suggestions! How do I choose, maybe i should make a poll, (can you make polls on here?).
    hmmm, well anyway golf is not for me! i think i want something with a deep level of continuity, so would 24 the one to go for? it seems to be the most popular.


    CSI or NCIS are fab once you get into them - NCIS is a bit more lighthearted than CSI ... go on, you'll be addicted in no time!

    When I had nothing left of Lost to watch, peeps here recommended CSI to me, think Vegas is the first one

    Original Poster

    yeh but i used to watch csi now and then and it was ok but nothing special, i think i might carry on with 24, if that fails might try dexter (dont have a clue what it is lol) or the wire.

    Peep show and Top Gear.


    the fall guy

    lee majors

    oh and V that alien thing


    'Nuff said!

    its got to be peep show i luv it lol
    i laugh 4 days over some of the things they say
    did anyone watch it last night?

    Martina cole the Take!

    Bad Girls (when that lady used to be in it- the one who's in eastenders now with blonde spikey hair)

    supernatural. jensen ackles is so hot!

    The Inbetweeners

    a ugc cinema card best for ur money oh and ideal is good being human

    30 Rock ( has a Live action Family guy style about it, nothing like it though)
    Arrested Developement (gob)
    Dexter (already said but really is good)

    If you loved lost then definitely fringe it just gets better and better.
    Also check out lie to me brilliant in its conception
    Im watching breaking bad its a bit controversial and quirky but very good

    As you seem to like SciFi (ish) series try Battlestar Gallactica; head and shoulders the best series I've seen for years; OK not much mystery apart from trying to guess who the Cylons in the fleet are. I also gave up on Heroes; half-way through series two (so disappointed 'cos loved season one), and I've got just a bit bored with Lost (though I'll see it through to the end), yes the second half of BSG season 3 was a bit weak - but even that's watchable.

    watch 24 by far the best. Then fringe, although it starts very badly, it starts to get better and more interesting, kind of like x-files imo.




    breaking bad

    I have never heard of 'Dexter'...... Going into town later, may just have to pick up Season 1 ......

    The Wire (all seasons a tenner on Bang CD tho it's the Oz version!)

    i loved Rome and there's only 2 seasons. Bit different and you'll prob get most of your money back on the box set if you ebay them after watching :thumbsup:

    Dexter.......cant get enough

    The Inbetweeners
    Flight of The Conchords



    I have never heard of 'Dexter'...... Going into town later, may just … I have never heard of 'Dexter'...... Going into town later, may just have to pick up Season 1 ......

    you wont regret the purchase. £12 on amazon


    you wont regret the purchase. £12 on amazon

    I bought the first season after everyone raving about it on here......then the second, now totally addicted to the third :-D



    Martina cole - The Take!



    Ghost whisperer

    go for dexter john - its awesome! dexter and fringe (i can lend you S2 of dexter when you catch up)

    Original Poster

    yeh i am gonna download fringe S1 as soon as i get windows 7 on my pc which will happen when i get an external HDD to back it up on. After that i might try dexter. (ive just typed in dexter in google cos i had no idea what it was i thought it was some kind of comedy lol now i know better.) thanks i might need to borrow that but it will be a while.
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