Best type of pod coffee machine to buy? (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo, etc)

Posted 26th Nov 2018
Hi all, I'm buying a pod coffee machine for someone for Christmas and there's some good deals around at the moment. I was wondering if I should go for a Dolce Gusto machine or Tassimo machine or even Nespresso machine?

The main factor here is budget, so only looking to spend around £30 on the machine, but just want to make sure that I pick the right type of machine in regards to the type of pods as I hear lots of talk of compatible pods and some with expensive pods, etc.

Can anyone advise please?

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Tassimo is garbage, overly sweet pods which aren't palatable. Nespresso is out of your price range, however we have a Lavazza which you forgot to mention. I think it's the Mio Modo and the coffee is really good. I recommend one of those from my personal experience.
I like our Tassimo. Just because one person considers it “garbage “ doesn’t mean you will. I’m quite sure considering the size of their business many others also don’t agree. The black coffees are just like any other machine, you add your own sugar milk etc! And the other ones are down to if you like them.
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Tassimo makes awful coffee.

Cheap for a reason.
Out of the gusto and Tassimo machine, the Tassimo gives the better tasting drinks by far, I have owned both
Lavazzo coffee is the nicest I have tasted though!
Nespresso. Easily the best.
+1 for Nespresso. Bought a cheap Krups amchine this year and never looked back.
Nespresso by a country mile & ive owned a lavazza & tried the others. I've got a nespresso compatible machine which I picked up from aldi under £30 a couple of years ago, and funnily enough I was in lidl earlier and saw they were selling their version reduced to £29.99
We have tassimo. I know some say it’s crap, but we love it. Though I’ve tried many pod flavours, our favourite is the Kenco americano grande. Everyone who comes round always says it’s amazing, even my coffee snob father! He didn’t believe me when I told him it was tassimo. Could maybe enlist some friends who have machines to help you try them out?
Tassimo +1
Nespresso all the way but as said above you’ll be hard pressed to get one for under £70, had a tassimo machine but they changed the pods years ago and it went downhill, anyone who knows coffee would stay away from tassimo.
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Thanks for everyones responses!

Sounds like a Nespresso machine would be best, but its a little out of budget. However, as @davzzp mentioned, I might find a compatible Lidl machine for £30 if I'm lucky.

Otherwise it sounds like a Tassimo machine due to budget, which some people still do seem to enjoy as above!
i personally like the dolce gusto pods from nescafe the machine is available for as little as 30 quid and aldi and asda (i suspect other supermarkets will) sell compatible pods
Have tried/had them all.

It depends on your coffee tastes. If you like strong espresso type coffee go for Nespresso and compatibles. If you like milky/large coffees then I prefer Dolce Gusto. Tassimo is good but I personally dont like the milk pods. They have a funny taste to me.

All are expensive in the long run and a bean to cup machine would be a bigger outlay but better in my opinion.
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I've got a tassimo and a dolce gusto, tassimo tastes far too watery, dolce gusto is decent, especially the compatibles for £2.49 from aldi; they are much better than the lidl ones.
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Hmm thanks again everyone. So another thing to consider is that the person I’m buying for is likely to be more interested in the more milkier or unique tasting drinks, possibly even hot chocolate. So perhaps they won’t really take advantage of a high quality coffee. Although regardless I’m sure it makes a difference.

Also, it’ll be used more as a treat hot drink rather than daily or several throughout the day.

Looks like there’s still a bit of a debate about what’s best so I suppose there’s no defined ‘best’ when considering personal taste and budget...
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