Best tyres and price for a renault megane 54reg (205/55/r16/91v) for 4 tyres ?

Found 22nd Mar 2009
I've been looking around but not entirely sure which are the best tyres to go with for my Renault Megane (within a £300 budget (or ideally less!).)

Best I've found for the 3 following makes are below, but are the tyres any good? Pirelli P6000 are what we currently have on.

Pirelli P6000 tyres x 4 + fit £255.32

Firestone TZ2000 x 4 + fit £271.76

Continental Sport Contact 2 x 4 + fit £295.12

Any advice/help would be appreciated!

These prices are from blackcircle.com
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Try tyretraders.com I found them a bit cheaper, I got 4 x 225x60x16 Falkens for £291 fully fitted.
mytyres.co.uk/ are worth a look too.

I would say the p6000's are fine for the megane.
pirrelli + conti are good
]These are not bad for the money either:thumbsup:
I had the 1.9 dci Megane until recently (with the same wheels) and wouldn't have used anything but sportcontact 2s on the car; consistently excellent and saved me a few times whilst I am not sure many other tyres would have done. My new car has Dunlop Fastresponse and I don't rate them as highly. Your car either came with those as standard, premium contact 2 or Michelin (not sure of type).
I went to natioal tyres for an oil change and a customer told me there that he saved about a £100 on the cheapest online price, he could find anywhere else. Might be worth a try to give national tyres a call. I just paid £25 for an oid and filter change, while alone oil is £27 from halfords.
I used these recently, they were spot on, they deal with national, and even undercut the National website


4 x barum tyres for £212 fitted
Thank you so much everyone for your comments, it has really helped me a lot in deciding what to do/where to go.
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