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Found 29th Jan 2009
I have heard bad things about LoveFilm so don't want to go with them and know that GAME now do them - a name which I would trust.

A few reviews online seem to suggest boomerang are a good place and they are cheapest too - £7.99 per month for 1 title at a time, with a max of 2 per month... Seems about right for me as I buy the AAA titles I wanna keep but have a load of titles such as Bourne, Frontlines, 007 etc that I wanna play but don't wanna shell out full whack for them!


I know you say you don't want to go with Love Film but I've used them (only for DVD though) and found them fine. Turnover seems to be a couple of days between returning one and getting the next and cancellation is easy if you do it online, at night when call centre is cold. Add to this that you can get 3 titles at a time with no monthly limit for nowt if you use the 3 month free codes then you've nothing to lose by giving them a go.

i've used lovefilm for games for years and never had any problems with them, i also did a trial period with blockbuster once and although i didn't try the games they were really good.
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