Best USB flash drive for Wii U basic?

Found 15th Jun 2014
Just bought a wii u basic, and I'm the type to buy discs not downloads, but need to expand the storage but wanna do it neatly, not some drive with cables etc. I think 32GB will be fine, it's also a USB 2.0, but with all the different read and write speeds of different drives, and the cheapness of USB 3 now, I think they sound like a good idea to just go with USB 3.

Any thoughts or flash drives to ignore?
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I'd go for as disc, I think there was an offer for some sandisk cruzer usb 2.0 ones cheap on here a few days ago?
Sandisk not as disk: damn autocorrect!
This is of interest as the Kingston data traveller G3 and G4 are practically the same price on amazon, but this chart just lists one's speed as 'standard' but never mentions what standard is. kingston.com/en/…ess
Erm, do usb sticks even work as game storage space. I tbought it was only proper external hard drives that worked!?? Happy if im wrong though? Anyone?
cool. i think the general idea is 'any USB 3 drive in the USB 2 port will have a read speed quicker than the drive', so therefore either of the G3 or G4 drives will suffice. Perhaps I'll try and find something smaller tho, that picture looks very neat
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