Best value 6TB HDDs for NAS?

Posted 8th Jun
I am looking to upgrade the 2 x 3TB HDDs I currently have in my NAS to 2 x 6TB and was wondering the best value way of doing this.

Checking eBay, it appears you can pick up secondhand 6TB Western Digital Red HDDs for around £100-110, whilst a brand new one would set you back ~£160.

From following comments on this website, I have seen it mentioned that you can buy external storage drives and when you take them apart or "shuck" them, they contain the same type of hard drives that are good for use in a NAS (i.e. like WD Reds) but for a far lower £/GB ratio.

I have also read that there is an extra spanner that could be potentially thrown into the mix by avoiding HDDs that use SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) rather than the more conventional CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) technology, which certain disk manufacturers have been selling to unsuspecting customers.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.
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For most home nas stuff the smr/cmr thing isn't actually that big an issue unless you use zfs. sure performance isn't great but the terrible stats apply to particular use cases.…ge/
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Thanks for your reply.

BUMPED to see if there is anyone willing to offer any opinion on where to get a cheap 6TB (or higher) HDD for a NAS, especially since I saw this recent deal posted on HUD for 12/14TB WD Elements for £180.

This is just overkill for me right now, I just don't need that much space but if you can pick up a 14TB external drive for ~£180 that you can shuck and put in your NAS then I am hoping that I can pick up 2 x 6TB desktop external drives for perhaps less than one of these that I could shuck?
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