Best value Broadband & phone package please

    As title really. Have seen the plusnet offer on tv but that does not include the phone line i don't think. Just wondered if there is a package under or around £15 for both togther as i am not really needing the phoneline for calls to be honest. So minutes & free calls I am not to fussed about.



    A friend of mine is on plusnet (limited to 15gb usage /month I believe). She is going over that limit after around 2 weeks and gets charged an extra £5 for 5 more Gb each time. (she only uses facebook and email - no big downloads, streaming video, gaming, etc - so it seems high to me)
    Something to bear in mind.

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    Cheers for the info. Yes i had to go to unlimited on my tiscali as i use my xbox quite a lot.
    Any ideas on a package with good GB allowance? Thanks

    Not really, i'm sure someone here will have.

    I've heard Sky is good, but thats a deal with tv, etc
    I am on talktalk, I have no problems with that at all and would recommend it other than it ties your phone line up to talktalk and is a nightmare to switch back to BT.

    Sky is good but you do need a phone line , its £11 line rental and you get broadband unlimited for £7.50 with tv aswell.

    I'm thinking of getting the home phone and broadband extra from the Post Office @ £26.05 a month

    Post office here,no issues,getting heavy use, £26 a month
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