Best value DivX DVD player & recorder?


    My parents currently have a Sumvision SV-1000; the player itself is okay, and the compatibility with DivX/XviD is very impressive, however, there seems to be quite a few bugs, and the interface isn't particularly user friendly so I'm not really sure whether my parents like it or not. This was just highlighted by the look of disappointment on my dad's face when he realised the batteries had died in the remote, rather than the player itself dying.

    So! I'm after a new player, that...
    1. Represents good value for money
    2. Has good DivX support
    3. Records DVDs without breaking every other one like the Sumvision
    4. Has a nice user interface

    Things that'd be a nice, but not essential...
    1. USB pen drive support (would save me keep burning discs)
    2. Nice aesthetics
    3. HD upscaler (not too fussed, they won't be getting HD in the foreseeable future)

    Any suggestions would be very welcome, they really won't use the player very often so I guess something that does the job at a low price point would be ideal.



    The Samsung DVD-HR733 is fantastic and has (I think) all the features you are looking for and more.

    Amazon have it for £230 but I'm sure you can get for much less. Still I guess this may be to much for occasional use.

    If best value for you means quality for money look no further, however if you want something fairly cheap and cheerful look elsewhere.

    Hope that helps.

    Original Poster

    Many thanks, looks like a great player, but what you said is probably right - it's a bit over the top for how often they'd use it, and we already have Sky+ so there's not much point in having a HDD based player I think.

    Was looking at spending something below £100, if possible..?

    That's a tall order I'm afraid. If you want a good reliable DVD recorder you'll have to spend £150 and it'll take some looking. That's not to say they don't exist though!

    I'll stand by my Samsung claim though. Try Comet, they quite often have good instore deals on DVD recorders.

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    Thanks again for the reply; I've just had a look and actually found a couple at a reasonable price, but I have no idea if they're any good.

    Lite-on (looks a bit cheap?):…871

    Any recommendations based on those above? The Sony one is probably the one that's tempting me the most, I'm just a bit worried that it's going to be naff and it's worth spending the extra like you said.

    You're never going to get rubbish from Sony when it comes to media players. It looks good to me, very supprised at the cost. It would be a risk had 9 other people not already reviewed it.

    I wouldn't expect massively fast recording times and the quality may be less than perfect but for this price it sounds like you've found yourself a winner.

    Original Poster

    Sounds like the one to go for then - cheers Will!

    Glad to be of help.
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