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Found 29th Jul
I keep getting warning emails from Virgin Media for sharing 'copyrighted' files.. meh.
Which is the best VPN out there in terms of performance and value for money?
Thanks in advance!
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Don't share them

I can guess your using torrents. When you download a torrent switch sharing off immediately.
Use Opera browser. Go to Settings/Privacy & security/VPN (Enable VPN).
Do Virgin actually send emails? What do they say? I've heard about letters being sent but I thought that was for serious cases only
Nord or express get regular good reviews
RiverDragon81 h, 29 m ago

Use Opera browser. Go to Settings/Privacy & security/VPN (Enable VPN).

This will 100% not work to protect torrent downloading.

Op Never had any problem with expressvpn it’s been very fast and reliable, network lock is amazing stops all traffic on loss of vpn connection. The speed is awesome I’m on VM too the only downside is the cost it’s more expensive than the others
Lifetime VPN sub about £10.50 (inc 10% first order discount) assuming your definition of "best" = cheapest, longest term, functional, torrent-tolerant, not fussed about owt other than stopping VM observation. Utterly random example expiring within two days of this post but often with comparable deals from same source(s):…ion…ion…ion…ion…ion
Torrent tolerance for this specific provider identied at…=en
I have had a few emails from virgin in the past but i use the free version of betternet, i use the chrome browser version and just have it switched on while searching torrents and while downloading, not had an email since and it doesnt seem to slow my downloads down
I use digibit. £2 a month. Seems to work fine. But then I very rarely use torrents.
Op you are not asking the right questions, performance and price are important but you need to know more importantly do they keep logs and how they use your data. have a look at review sites like t orrent freak and make your own mind up.
Nord VPN best paid VPN
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