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Hi I got my mum (aged 65) a laptop for christmas. Can anyone help me find a cheap broadband for her. She will use the internet for browsing and emailing and perhaps for free phone calls to Canada. She will probably need unlimited broadband as my children go to her house after school and will use it too. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Carol & welcome to Hotukdeals!

From my experience I'd advise NOT to go with Tiscali broadband, I have had just way too many problems with them.

When a ISP states their Internet service is 'unlimited' it really isn't. If you read the small print you will find their 'Fair Usage Policy' which is stops you from having unlimited broadband. If your mum has cable I would advise NTL, my g/f has had no problems with them at all and enjoys a very fast internet connection.

Hope this helps

depends whether she is on BT or Cable, but if she has sky, i think their packages are unbeatable value!


depends whether she is on BT or Cable, but if she has sky, i think their … depends whether she is on BT or Cable, but if she has sky, i think their packages are unbeatable value!

I am concidering ditching my ISP and geting SKY, phone and BB for the same price

the best broadband ive ever had is Virgin believe it or not, never had a problem with it (touch wood), always on and reliable and the cost is only £10 per month i think.

If she lives in a Cable enabled area then Virgin will be her best bet, they are doing their 2MB Broadband Service for £4.50 a month at the moment.

Check this page and enter her postcode to see if she is in the area to qualify...


Yes, I reckon Sky is very competitive, and value for money
As long as you have a BT Line, you are good to go.

If she already has sky tv, then they provide basic bb and calls free, just call and ask.

Hi Carol,
I am now with Tiscali and am pleased with the service that I am receiving. I previously paid approx £10.50/mth line rental to BT with call charges on top of this. I also paid £14.99 for a 2mb broadband connection to my ISP. Total £25.49 + call charges.
I now get an 8mb broadband connection, have free anytime international & UK calls, have my line rental included for a Total of £19.99/mth. Tiscali did make a slight mistake setting me up and waved the £30 setup fee. They also provide a free wireless router.
I found this the best deal for me as I am not in a Cable area & do not wish to subscribe to SKY. I do not download films/music, so the previous post regarding the use of the term 'unlimited' does not cause me a problem.
Best of luck

Hi Carol, our neighbour had Tiscali and had no problems with them, just to let you know most services these days state 'up to' a certain speed that does not mean you are going to get the advertised speed, also it has been mentioned, there is no such thing as 'Unlimited', advertising just gives the impression it will be, although most people never have a problem unless you are planning on downloading 30GB a day !

You will always find different people have a different experience with all the different providers so it's difficult to get a true feeling for their value and ability to provide what you are paying for, I would suggest going to a specific forum that deals with BB issues where there are a lot more users who give a truer indication off what you are getting, one or two conflicting comments on here will only confuse you even further.

We use UKOnline and only need a 1mb line we pay £9.99 a month for it, we could get a better deal (Cheaper, more speed....) elsewhere we know that, BUT we are happy to pay that for what we get, only been down (unavailable) a couple of times for a few minutes and once for a week (down to BT exchange and it's slow techs) in over 2 yrs, we have a freephone helpline, and the call centre is in Ireland (we think, only had to call them once.) and they are very good, no machines, real people who actually call you back and know their business.

I'm not recommending them to you but giving you an indication that EVERY persons needs are different and ultimately it's your choice, as UKOnline is ours, also there are other factors which could effect your decision, how far are you from exchange, do you have SKY, (we know someone who has the 16mb line and it's been very good but others think it's useless !!!!) etc....

Good luck !

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go with a provider such as Tiscali, absolute trash. Also I agree that Virgin Media Cable is good, but their ADSL service is absolute trash.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for, the cheapest providers usually offer the worst service. I am with ADSL24, this is a provider of ADSL via the Entanet group. Most Entanet providers are by far the best ADSL providers in the UK, yes they are generally more expensive but you really cant go wrong. Below are some links to them:


I work in IT, Im a network analyst, Im not saying I know it all, but trust me on what I say above, it will save you hours of headache in the end.


virgin media , i had no probs been on them for 10 months

I changed from Virgin to Sky last year, had trouble with the set-up for 2 months with sky, no broadband, but they did give me £50 compensation for the trouble. (TIP: If you have problems, make notes of every conversation, operator name, times etc and keep phoning to pester them using free the phoe numbers from saynoto0870.com)

However, now I'm online, I have not had any problems in the last 10 months and my connection now runs at 12 meg compared to ½meg with virgin.

Great for watching live footy!

Good luck with whatever service you use, they all have faults, so good luck

CarolErvine, unless your kids are going to be downloading films and music from peer-2-peer sites non stop whilst at your mum's house, I really don't think you'll need anything approaching Unlimited broadband (Which as many people have mentioned is a bit of a myth anyway). We have 2 pc's and a Wii connected to our 8Mb line with 5 users (3 of which are teenage boys) and the internet is used a lot and although my account is limited to 8GB a month, we usually use about 5-6GB. We don't use Peer-2-Peer, but there is a lot of surfing and Youtubing (Is that a word?) and online gaming going on all the time.

Incidentally, I use PlusNet, pay £14.99 a month and am very happy with it, one big advantage being that if we did go over our 8GB download limit then I have the choice of whether to pay for more, or let them reduce the speed until the next payment date. Some ISP's don't give the choice and you have to do one or the other.

I agree very much with what Likely2 said, there are good and bad stories about every single ISP out there. Hopefully you'll find one that suits your Mum!
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