Best value (mini?) USB wi-fi dongle?

Found 4th Apr 2011

I've got an Acer Revo and the wi-fi signal is dreadful. I'm using a homeplug which works perfectly, but it's a mess of cables (in the hall way too) so I'd like to get a USB (preferably a mini one?) as cheap as possible.

It's actually in the next room to the router so I'm not sure I'd need anything too fancy; the PS3, Wii, 360 etc all connect fine via the wifi, just the Revo has real issues for some reason.

So yeah, short of getting something from Ebay (which may or may not work) does anyone have any recommendations pls? Thanks
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I bought a Sweex mini USB wifi 'stick'. It's N rated and works a treat. I think it cost me about a fiver, on I deal I found on here.

Here is the original offer:

Here it is now, at Play.com for £12.44
Sweex Wireless 150N USB Adapter £12.44

I'd suggest having a good look around for one of these.
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