best value mobile dongle

    looking to get a mobile dongle for my oh, just for occasional use. little unsure what one to go for. cheap is good, so is no time limit on credit. what do you use?


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    really only want pay and go. will only be used maybe once a month or so

    The pay and go ones have the option just to pay for 1 day,

    eg Tmobile,£2 per day,only when you want to use it,

    At the moment when you pay for the 1st day at £2 you get the next 30 days free,so that would give you the chance to have a play around with it,then after that just pay £2 again when you next want to use it for another day

    I bought one of ]these from Tesco. Although it's £15 per GB, there's no time limit regarding usage, unlike some dongle's which have to be used within 30 days or the allowance will expire. And, instead of topping up, you can simply buy another Vodafone broadband SIM on ebay for about £10. It's ideal for me as I only use it with my netbook when I'm at work and use my home broadband when I'm at home.

    You should go to the network provider's websites to make sure that you are in a good area of coverage. It turns out that 02 don't have good coverage where I work, so the Vodafone dongle was the best choice for me. You can also order via Quidco/ TCB for cashback.
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