Best Value Protein Powder At The Moment?

Posted 19th Sep
Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this board, so I apologise if this kind of thing isn't allowed to be asked, but figured I'd try anyway.

I wonder if anybody could point me in the direction of some cheap protein powder. I'm looking for 5kg worth, for a max of £35-40. What I have been buying for the past few years is 'Sports Fuel', which sells on Amazon for £34.99 for 5kg. It has a decent percentage of protein per 100g, and tastes fine (in my opinion). It's not pure whey, and is more of a blend of whey, casein, and soy (hence the price I suppose), but it's not an issue for me as the protein content is still decent.

I'll most likely just carry on buying that for now if I don't find anything else, although I've noticed that some people on this site have managed to find extraordinary deals at times, but I'm always too late to grab any myself. Are there any deals out there within my price range which I may not be aware of?

Thanks all.
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My protein are good value
Their 5kg bag is about £75 though.
Vanch19/09/2019 14:32

Their 5kg bag is about £75 though.

37% off if you have myunidays + tcb
If you really must use a whey-based product...

[ https//ww…TM/ ]


PS. Unfortunately, the 5Kg Vegan variety is no longer sold by Amazon directly, but the 2.5Kg size is still available...

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