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Bloody Vista!

Well bought Vista and now my WiFi adaptor no longer works so no net for the laptop/PS3!!!

So am really annoyed, I have tired to get it working it does but looses its config each time the pc restarts etc.

So now thinking might as well get a router..need it asap so would appreciate a vista capable router.

Hope to hear from u lot soon



Ihave a netgear 834g and it works fine with vista....no doubt others will have different recommendations....check the netgear price on amazon as it was a recent HOT DEAL.

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LMAO....Oh bloody hell just noticed I put downloaded!

I actually bought it...and it was off this forum from a good chap called Bryan919 Ill find the link and post it!

Thanks for the advice CC!

It's not a Vista issue it's a Wi-Fi Max issue.........they are notoriously poor.

I use a Netgear Router........very good routers.

Is this the only sort of thing i would need to hook my 360 up to live??


Is this the only sort of thing i would need to hook my 360 up to live??

You'd never get a good match going with anyone as Wi-Fi max is incredibly poor and would end up either lagging or cutting you off most of the time.
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