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Found 26th Apr
I'm going to the USA for 2 weeks and was thinking of getting a 3 SIM card for using whilst I'm over there (normally with Giffgaff). Does anybody have any better suggestions? I only really need internet access.

thank you
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Just get a three free sim and use it as payg no point in getting a local sim they aren’t cheap and three works perfectly.

follow the instructions on the sim, don’t just put it in the phone or you won’t get the free data…der
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I'm in the USA at the moment, been here a week and half & using a 3 sim, £15 for 5gb of data, 3000 mins & 3000 texts, picked mine up at the 3 shop or they will deliver, lasts 30 days but to be honest I could have got away with a 1gb limit as the hotel we are staying at has free WiFi & the theme parks have free WiFi as well. The network seems to switch between t-mobile & AT&T. I haven't got a 4g phone so it's slightly slower to access the network sometimes.
Make sure your phone is unlocked to accept the sim & just activate it before you go, you'll get a new number, but it wasn't a problem, just let anyone know what the number is, also whatsApp worked without any problems either with the new sim card.

Pay as you go sims.
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Yeah, 3 PAYG sim. £15 AIO15 addon gives 5GB data for up to 30days. £20 AIO20 gives 9GB data (or 12GB data) for up to 30days. All plus 3000mins and unlim txt.
PAYG 9GB or 12GB depends wot 3 support page you read:
9GB stated here…oad
12GB stated here…me/
I had a 3 SIM for a trip a couple of months ago in LA and, whilst it was fine for calls, the data connection was not very good at all. It was 'useable' to get me an Uber but general browsing would definitely have been painful.
That's great thank you all. I'll be off to the 3 shop then!
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