Best value Stainless hob cleaner

    Can anyone suggest a good value stainless steel hob cleaner. Ive been using Cif but it leaves marks on the stainless steel. I know Hotpoint sell their own cleaner but it is expensive. If anyone could reccomend a cleaner I would be really greatful. Thanks in advance.


    I just use a microfibre cloth and flash spray, Baby oil wiped on stainless steel leaves a smear free shine too.

    Hob brite...sell it in most supermarkets quite cheap too

    always just used to clean mine with fairy washing up liquid or the power spray fairy, but best tip i ever got given is once you have cleaned it rub a little baby oil (no jokes please:oops:) on cotton wool all over the top you only need to use a really small amount 3-4 drops for the whole hob, not only does it make the surface really shiney but when you next have to wipe something off it its really easy as the oil stops spills sticking so bad. (if you dont have baby oil olive oil also works but not as good)

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    Thanks all I will definately use the tip about the baby oil. Ive just washed it down with Fairy liquid and a micro fibre cloth and its come up shiny but still has the dark flecks (which look like rust) and blotches on it. I will try the Hob brite and see if that gets rid of the stains. I dont want to use a scourer as it will scratch all the surface. The cooker is only 11 months old aswell.


    Hob brite...sell it in most supermarkets quite cheap too

    this is brilliant stuff nothing like it:thumbsup:
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