Best value treadmill for £300-£350?

Found 8th Dec 2013
Looking to buy a treadmill for upto £350, anyone know which ones are good value?
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you can go for a run outside for free. don't tell everyone though, just our little secret
I find treadmills absolutely pointless, they are really bad for your knees due to the impact force, and you can just go out and achieve in 10 mins what it takes 30mins to achieve on a treadmill!
to carry on in the vein of useless responses, have you considered a rower?

Second hand concept 2 may be able to be found for that price, will be an older model but they are bomb proof and have a superb support network around them and all parts still available for older models
I was on the lookout for a treadmill a while ago looking to spend around the same amount. Buying a used treadmill from Ebay / Gumtree will be a much better option in my opinion.

A new £350 will be no good - it will be low powered, fairly flimsy so will rock around when running, probably have a manual incline...

If you spend the same amount on a preowned one you will get one worth more like £700-£1000 in value. The depreciation on home fitness equipment seems huge.

Chances are it will not have been used much anyway - hence the sale

In the end I changed my mind and bought a decent cross trainer. Much better quality for the money and takes up a lot less room.
Here you go, argos.co.uk/sta…htm I have a Roger Black one and it's great for the price.
I had been looking for a treadmill for a while and done a lot of research. I bought one yesterday from http://www.sportandleisureuk.com/catalog/
I visited their showroom in Dudley and liked what I saw. The ones in Argos are low powered (1.5 HP) and I got an inclining one with a 3 HP for £330 DELIVERED to London !
Worth visiting the showroom if you can - they have a good selection.
Just to add they only sell new with warranties.
Good excersing.
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