Best vfm mens T shirts

Posted 10th Sep
I need some plain white and navy t shirts and thought I would tap into the collective to see what the best vfm are currently. It doesn't have to be the cheapest but I don't want any where the material is so thin as to almost be transparent, any where the neck goes saggy or the entire garment loses its shape after the first wash.

All input appreciated
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Breakfast at Tiffany's
Thanks for the recommendation but the online reviews of the company are how should I put it less than enthusiastic
Totally agree with the OP. Most thin tee's are wear then bin. Uniqlo are not bad on the plain ones but the cut is a bit 'young' or if you prefer thin, for me!
I find TK Maxx pretty good. Buy on cotton quality and feel.
Levi t's are expensive but mine have lasted years.
I got some plain ones from Primark a few years back, nothing special but then that’s what I wanted. Can’t remember how much but I wouldn’t have spent much and the quality is definitely acceptable.
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