Best video camera/camera for shooting slow motion?

    Looking to buy a video camera to film bikes and other stuff in slow motion to make a few videos, anyone recommend a decent and possibly cheap camera?


    Unfortunately the options aren't particularly great and it depends how slow you want to go. I use a Casio EX-FH100 which is a 24-240mm superzoom (older camera now, seen them cheap on clearance a few months back) which technically goes all the way down to 1000fps but in practice I find 240fps is as slow as I can go without losing too much quality. Each time you increase the framerate, you lose resolution so at 120fps it's VGA resolution (640x480) then something like 448x335 for 240fps and once you reach 1000fps it's something useless like 64x22.

    These are a couple of videos I made a while back mostly at 240fps:…328…604

    Some of the new Fuji/Nikon bridge cameras offer slow motion but they use the same sensor as the Casio (Sony sensor) and offer exactly the same resolutions/framerates. I'd love to get to around 600fps at VGA resolution but I've not found anything even remotely affordable beyond what the Casio can do which isn't bad but not really enough.

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    thanks for that, had a bit of a read up on it and casio seem to be the only make to go for for some reason, might see if i can pick one up cheap
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