Best Video Format for PS3?

    I have a load of DVD's that I would like to transfer to my PS3's hard drive and in addition, there's obviously loads of stuff to download via the net.

    What's the best video format to use in regards to video quality to file size ratio?

    Is there a file type that is good for iPhones and PSP's.......but also looks great played through a PS3 on a 40" widescreen TV?


    Its the new divx - best qualiity to file size ratio.
    I use them on my ps3 and ipods and psps can play them too. :thumbsup:

    Also, AVCHD may be useful if you plan burning High Def videos (like bluray rips) to dual layer dvd (it plays in high def though, like a bluray). Although these can only be used on bluray players or ps3s.

    You dont have to burn the AVCHD files either, you can put them on a hard drive. But you must have the correct folder configuration.

    Note also that file sizes for AVCHD are large as they are high def films

    Your PS3 will play .vob files that are contained in the DVDs - just move them over.
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