Best VPN for iptv?

Found 30th Nov 2017
Hi, what's the best vpn to use with iptv that dosen't lower internet speeds by a lot?
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Sorry to derail this thread, but why is VPN important for IPTV?

If I use IPTV on a smart TV, I don't believe I can use VPN on that, right?
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some iptv require vpn now
On android I use x-vpn
Express VPN by far, it’s expensive but very fast I only drop about 10% most of the time.

VPN is really important as time goes on, sky can now get streams blocked much quicker and they started blocking while football is on with some providers. Doesn’t mean yours will but it could happen.

with the VPN they can’t block it without taking the supplier out which probably isn’t hosted in the U.K.
I use IPVanish, they have/had a sale on $69 for 2 years, doesn't seem to have a noticeable impact on my broadband speeds either.
windscribe, they have a life time subscription via stacksocial usually for about £20, you can have unlimited devices and when on virgin broadband i was still getting 200mb+ using the vpn in finland back to manchester using speedtest.
First and foremost what device do you need it for.
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Android box
Then you don't need any paid VPN service. Install Betternet apk and then select country i.e Canada click.
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Thanks but how much does that lower Internet speed?
It doesn't.
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Great, i'll give it a go Thanks
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