Posted 21st Feb 2023
Hello all!

Google couldn't help me decide so here I am. Whats the best value/money VR setup if I intend to use my PC as processing unit? I have a RTX 3080 plugged in which I am hopeful is capable of VR. Thanks!
Any suggestions / advise welcome
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  1. J2022's avatar
    Quest 2.

    Once you've tried HL Alyx wirelessly in the garden on a summers evening in a 10m x 10m space, nothing else comes close. Adhoc wifi works really well if you have a wifi 6 card.
    Sidjo23's avatar
    Sounds fun! Will give it a go! I don’t have access to garden though haha..
  2. jameshothothot's avatar
    i got a 2nd hand windows mixed reality headset for £100 on gumtree
    eg lenovo

  3. sparx1981's avatar
    Hp reverb g2 has the best visuals for a reasonable price. There are a few newer ones but they cost £1000. I run the reverb g2 on a 3080 no problem

    Is apparently a great piece of kit but obviously need a ps5... which may be cheaper than a PC capable of vr
  4. kos1c's avatar
    The quest 2 isn't a bad device for pc gaming vr. It's not as sharp as others but it also has the benefits of being a self use vr experience as well.

    I remember doing half-life vr on it and it was a great wireless experience. I had a 2060 gaming laptop and was hitting 70fps if I recall.

    I had one of the earlier rifts and it was a nightmare with the sensor stations, and having to pack things away at the end of the night as I was going between home and the gf at the time. (edited)
  5. Sidjo23's avatar
    Thanks! Thats really helpful!
  6. gary.westwood's avatar
    I've upgraded from a rift s to a Pico 4 and it is superb. The image is so clear and I'm only using VD on high as I only have a 3070 laptop. I cant wait until graphics card prices come down a bit more as I have a full system ready and waiting for the card, its just they are too expensive.

    I think on battery power it'll work for nearly 2 hours but as I use mine for SIM racing i just have an extension cord fastened to my seat and I plug in. Its the best tech that i have ever bought. For less than 400 it is brilliant.
  7. Azwipe's avatar
    If you don't mind spending £1k try the Quest Pro. By far the best lenses of any VR headset combined with mini led panels and the best controllers money can buy. RTX3080 is a fantastic card for VR.
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