Best washing machine to buy?

Found 27th Oct 2005
My washer/dryer has broken and as it is 15 years old I think it would be better to replace it than try to get it fixed.
Any good deals anyone knows about? Makes to avoid or go for?
Probably looking to spend up to £250.
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According to a mate who fixes washing machines, servis & zanussi are the best for reliability. Avoid dyson & hotpoint because of high cost of spares when required.
Don't know of any deals atm.

some times you can get a bargain from the comet auction site.
Bosch seem to have one of the best write ups.
One at curries for £249.88 + del seems a good offer. Probably be able to get a £25 voucher and some 5% off if buying with with Egg card.
Anyone find similar cheaper?
there are codes in the voucher section for free delivery and £25 off of a £250.00 spend, so you would need to add a pack of bateries or something small to put your total above the 250 mark.
Thanks fizziebabes. Just found out the one I mentioned isn't in stock in my area though
I will have to keep looking.

Checked again and it is available, so bought it. Strange
Bought the Bosh WAA24160 at Curries and it is going to be delivered in a weeks time.
Cost: £249.88 (Paid for installation and take away which is extra)
Got a £25 off voucher, free delivery using codes and cashback as well so I am happy.
Thanks to those who helped.
Be aware that Bosch machines are rebadged Siemens machines.

Be aware that Bosch machines are rebadged Siemens machines.

Don't think that is a problem. All the reviews I looked at said Bosch (ok maybe siemens) were one of the best makes.

As mentioned I also got 10% cashback buying through my egg card as well. In total took about £80 off the price by using all the codes etc.
PROUD OF YOU, I HATE paying full price for anything. glad to see someone with a bargain, even if they have to wear smelly clothes for a week hee hee :wink:

Sale glorious sale. theres nothing quite like it
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