Best watches under £500?

Found 23rd Oct 2017
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At that price, whatever you prefer. Once you get over £100 or so you don't see any improvements in timekeeping ability or robustness, it's almost entirely fashion.
Tissot visodate
If i were a man, I would get the best smart watch around, excluding apple as I hate Apple as a name full stop. As a woman, I prefer my watch to look like jewellery so I would buy the prettiest Switz watch available.

Smart watches look acceptable on a man's wrist but doesn't look that great on a woman's wrist. I did see a woman with a decent looking smart watch recently, so they are getting better in design.
That question is waaaaaay too broad - what you define as best is not the same as anyone else.

Rolex watches (I know way outside that price range) are considered very good and popular, however I don't like them, even if I could justify spending that amount on a watch I still wouldn't buy one.

We can make recommendations if you give as indication of what you like - Roman numerals perhaps? Round face? Square face? Divers watch? A specific face colour? Strap type? Leather? metal? etc etc....

P.s Tissot are sh.yte
Hard to answer but if I had £500 to spend I would get a few Seikos. The Seiko SKX007 and a Monster and a selection of Natos. Great for the money and imo look fantastic.
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