Best water flosser deal at Amazon

Posted 2nd May
Which water flosser seems like a good value on Amazon?
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I don't know, but I got a waterpik one after the recommendation from my brother and it's really good other than it's wired so I have to lug an long wire from the next room every time i want to use it.
I have the Fairywill one. Works perfect. Powerful, holds enough water, easy to use, and rarely needs charged.

Currently £27.99 but if you download an app called VIPOn. There are often one time use discount codes on it. Think I paid less than £10.
I got a cheap Chinese one, not too dissimilar from this one.…-33

I got it to test the waters, so to speak, beore moving onto a more expensive, recognised brand. I haven't felt the need to, and when it does pack in, I'll probably buy the same one again.
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