Best Water Pistol? (for performance)

Found 1st Apr 2011
I was wondering if anyone knew the best performing water pistol available on the market...

I already have the AK47-type one which is good fun, but not quite a 'winning water pistol fight' gun.
Having read up a bit online, it seems like all the best ones (such as CPS2000) have all ceased production quite a while ago, and are now essentially considered collectors' pieces...

Anyone know a decent water pistol which i can actually buy in a shop/online?

Thanks a lot!
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just the dude you need to put your fire out;);)
On the Gadget Show a while back their top 5 water guns were
Water Weapons Blaster
Water Blaster Mini Water Cannon
Wazooka Fun Blaster
Water Blaster XLR Water Cannon
Flash Flood Super Soaker
They may still have the video on their website.
^^^^^ i used to have that one and one smaller but similar ... also one that looked like a WWII flame thrower
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