Best way of removing artex from walls, Has anyone tried X-Tex?

Posted 21st Mar 2014
I saw a property but it has alot of artex and very ugly yellow paint on it. I found out about X-tex on youtube but not many suppliers sell it. Not even B&Q. Which begs a question to how good it is. Has anyone tried it to give me some feedback please? 1 crazy looking guy in B&Q told me I can steam it off using wallpaper stripping steamer but I experianced this before where the plaster balooned and fell on the floor. Also if there's a chance of Asbestos I'd rather remove them safely.

Any feedback is wellcome.

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the ceilings look like this

and the walls look like this

plaster over it

reviews by people who have used it

"Should I Be Worried About The Asbestos?
The asbestos will only pose a threat if it's being sanded - undisturbed, it won't harm you. However, it does make removing of the Artex trickier - you will need to contact a contractor licensed to work on asbestos coatings. The coating, once removed, also has to be disposed of properly.

For advice, contact the Environment Agency or your local environmental health department or look at asbestoswatchdog.co.uk
skim over it job done may have been painted with lead paint if its old safe to skim it

plaster over it

That was an option but I don't want any asbestos inside the house knowing its there. Especially when living with kids. If I decide to do some D.I.Y work later on I don't want it to effect me or the family.
Rip it all out to the brick and plasterboard the walls
Asbestos is not cheap to remove
Yes we had this problem too and were advised to plaster over it and it came out perfect.
try to find out when it was applied if you can if it was after 1990 theres most likely not be any asbestos,if you do decide to buy you can get a sample tested @ asbestostesting.co.uk/ for £36 which will put your mind at ease if skimming over it.
I had this issue in our last house, in fact the house was hard to sell because it had failed a survey on the basis of having asbestos in the artex. It cost a lot of money (8k) to have it all removed professionally, but it was part of the discount we got on the house.
The contractors said that the type of asbestos in this old artex was only dangerous if disturbed, ie drilled or cut into.
Personally, if faced with this again, I'd be inclined to board and skim it.

the ceilings look like this

Wish my ceiling had a big warning sign and website address on it! Much more interesting!
Why cover up artex? It's beautiful!
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